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The 4th Tactical Fighter Squadron, dubbed the Icarus Squadron, was a notable unit of the Provisional Pacific Entente's 1st Pacific Naval Fleet in the Pacific Ocean Theatre of World War II.


One of the most renown units of the Pacific Theatre in World War II, in which the unit would eventually be better known as the Icarus Squadron for its involvement in the wider Pacific Theatre and the Invasion of Daresia. The pilots were volunteers and were recruited from South East Asia, Oceania, and Daresia. While all pilots were volunteers from their respective nation's military branches, they were confidentially funded by the Daresian government in an effort to dampen the offensive of Japan's forces and strengthen diplomatic affairs with other members of the Entente. 

The recruitment of pilots using an arsenal of British aircraft began in 1941 and was stationed at the Del Monte Airfield, Philippines, for training. The squadron would find themselves deployed in defending the Philippines with new Evachi Wyvern aircraft in 1942. By October of the same year, the unit would be moved to the Yoshimune Highlands, Daresia, where it would sortie in numerous Daresian-led operations.

History & Composition[]


Prior to the Invasion of Daresia, the Icarus Squadron was formerly known as the Icarus Tactical Fighter Instructional Group that aided in instructing pilots from South East Asian countries such as the British Colony of Singapore, Dutch East Indies, and the Philippines in basic and advanced flight training during the Pacific Program (Concept for having pilots from the Pacific train together) conducted at the Colonia Vitale Air Force Base, Daresia.

World War II[]

TBA 1[]

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TBA 1[]

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Operational History[]

  • April 19, 1942. The 1st Pacfiic Naval Fleet's "Icarus" Squadron is tasked with intercepting Japanese bombers that are en route to the Philippines, during the Battle for Philippines.


Evachi Wyvern (1942-1944)

Unnamed Aircraft (1944-1948)


  • Captain Nathaniel "Gevanson" Peaker (Icarus 1)
  • First Lieutenant Rafael TBA (Icarus 2)
  • First Lieutenant Rafi TBA (Icarus 3)
  • First Lieutenant Leon TBA (Icarus 4)
  • Second Lieutenant Christopher TBA (Icarus 5)
  • Second Lieutenant Polot Dalonta
  • 10 more pilots required.

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