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Note: The 37th Imperial Expeditionary Wing is non-canon, and is used for roleplaying purposes and indoctrination in regards to the Wings of Daresia.

The 37th Daresian Imperial Expeditionary Aerial Wing of the Daresian Royal Navy was formed in the wake of the discovery of Anglean Republic, Fjord Baronies, Order of Chaladon, Yesha Empire, Arashi League and the Mercantile Guild.


The 37th Wing consists of 32 (8 squadrons, 4 ships per squadron) airships primarily equipped with weaponry designed for ship to ship combat. These ships are further controlled by men and women who are tasked with numerous roles, consisting of Pilots, Engineers and Gunners.

The naming convention of the fleet are based off horse breeds, in alphabetical order.

1st Imperial Aerial Squadron - Augeron
Name Class Captain Crew
TBA Pyramidion

Kyungyeon Lee

Crew here
TBA Pyramidion Xymone Torresia Crew here
DRN Ophelia Pyramidion Kaztarel van Darrette Crew here
TBA Galleon TBA Crew here