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The 31st Panzer Division was an elite armoured division of the Germany army during the 2nd World War. Established in 1938 under the command of Siegfried Hochberg. The 31st Panzer Division normally did not take part in the Western front of the European Theatre and normally fought in the Eastern front.



The 31st Panzer Division consisted of over 250 Operating tanks. The infantry of the 31st usually wore Splittertarnmuster uniforms with some infantry wearing uniforms close to the Luftwaffe Jump smocks.

Operational History[]

  • September 17 – 30, 1943 : The Battle of Tihkvin
  • June 29, 1948 – August 15, 1948: Battle of Berlin / Battle of Bavaria (Some units)

Notable Units and Members[]

Division Commanders[]

  • Generalmajor Siegfried Hochberg 
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Panzer Brigade "Hydra"[]

  • Feldwebel Ilse Schräder
  • Obergefreiter Klaus Höfler
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5th Motorized infantry[]

  • Oberleutnant Hartmann Heintze
  • Gefreiter Sigmund Wetzel
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Former units under the 31st[]

18th Panzer Regiment (1941-1942)[]

  • Merged to form the Panzer Brigade Hydra following its destruction on the Battle of Stalingrad in the late 1942

37th Infantry Brigade (1940-1943)[]

Main Article: 37th Infantry Division

  • Split off the 31st Panzer Division in the early 1943 and merged with other Brigades to form the 37th Infantry Division